How does Homexperts work?

5 steps to ensure a hassle-free sale at the best price for your flat, house or land *.

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Step 1

We visit you personally

We meet to get to know you, to understand your situation and your objectives and to put together a complete file of your property. We then advise you on the 3 partner agencies best placed to sell your property.
This step is crucial 1) to establish a human relationship that will be important throughout the sales process and 2) because our in-depth visit allows us to compare the estimates we'll receive with full knowledge of the facts.

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Step 2

We compare the individual estimates from 3 partner agencies.

We compile a very detailed file of your property and send it to the 3 partner agencies that we selected together during our visit. Each of the 3 agencies then sends us their independent estimate based on the detailed file. They therefore do not need to visit your property themselves. <br>We then carry out a critical comparison of the 3 valuations and superimpose our own analysis. If the agencies' estimates are too far apart, we contact each agency individually to confront them with the estimates and reasoning of the other agencies.

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Step 3

We decide on the best selling price, together.

We go through the 3 evaluations with you, in order to retain the best selling price together. That is to say, a price that takes into account your objectives, optimises your assets and enables you to sell within the time frame you are aiming for. Once we have retained this selling price, our mandate becomes officially valid.

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Step 4

You retain the agency of your choice.

You are free to choose the agency that will handle the sale from among the 3 agencies that submitted their estimates. This agency then takes care of the sale of your property: it takes professional photos, publishes the ad on the main real estate portals, informs its database of potential buyers, takes care of visits, negotiates with interested parties etc.

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Step 5

We assist you until the successful sale of your property.

We monitor the work of the agency throughout its activity. If necessary, we can also involve a second certified agency after 3 months. We accompany and assist you throughout the sale process, right up to the signing of the notarial deed. We then split the 3% commission with the agency, so you don't pay more than usual.

*In case of sale of a land or a house that lends itself to a real estate project (residence), the procedure is adapted, because it is necessary to analyse whether it is more interesting to sell to a developer, a construction company or a private buyer. We will then approach several professionals to compare their offers in full knowledge of the facts. And of course we have to take into account your sales objectives: the sale is organised differently if you want to get your money quickly than if you don't care about time but want to get the most out of it.

Contact us on 58 55 06 so that we can advise you, without obligation.

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